Mrs. Lisa Liao     President & Chief Design Manager

"I make beauty tools because I enjoy using them and I want to share its fascination to everyone!"Said Lisa.


Being the soul of La goodwind, Lisa Liao always works hands-on with our customers and is involved in every aspects of our business.


Every time she impresses people with her inspiration and consideration, and has a keen instinct on product designing & industry trends.


Graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1982, Lisa Liao has various working experience in hospital, electric power plant and electronics Company. She used to get trained in Corning Incorporated in America for computer aided measurement and control.


Mr David Yang     President & Chief Design Manager


"I really find it interesting every time an idea comes true by our hand. I also enjoy talking to people all over the world. That’s fun!" Said David


David Yang is the backbone of our R & D team
David is graduated from Tsinghua University in 1983, majoring in Electronics and Laser, and this experience equipped him with both theoretical & practical ability in technology development for our products, and linked La goodwind with Tsinghua University in technical support.


David worked in Shanxi Tumor hospital for 8 years. His leading research project, “Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumor with Photosensitive Technology”, got the Science and Technology Progress Award.

He also worked in HITACHI for 18 years in technology engineering, marketing & purchasing.

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